Mental Math Course

Mental Maths Basic Course (10hrs*)


To develop a sense of love and interest in Mathematics with latest techniques and its applications in practical life of students.

Course objectives:

The main objectives of the syllabus are:

  • to provide material for the students to understand the basics of number system and its operations;
  • to develop the students’ cognitive (mental) skills to enable them to answer quickly without solving;
  • to develop the students’ writing skills to enable them to solve questions quickly without wasting time on previous steps;
  • to develop the students’ listening skills to enable them to listen and solve questions more quickly as before this course;
  • to develop the students’ general capacity to a level that enables them to use Mathematics in their practical life with full of confidence.

Why this training is important for you? After completing this fruitful training:

  • teachers can teach and student can do questions efficiently;
  • interest will be developed from both side teachers and students;
  • student can get confidence and will say “ I can do this”;
  • teachers will able to learn many new techniques to simplify mental operation especially our own proved method of SM Subtraction (subtraction without borrow)

Module 1: Numbers System

Module 2: Numbers Operations

Module 3: Fractions (ratio and proportion also included)

Methods of assessment:

  • Individual and group
  • Written tests and tasks of various length (worksheets)

Trainer Profile

Zia u Rehman

Qualification: MSCS

Teaching Experience: +16 years (Army, Private, National and International Schools & Colleges)

R&D Experience: +6 years

Professional Qualification: M.Ed


Number System
Number names Concept of place value Ten and teen Symbols
Counting Half and double Expanded form Even and odd
Comparison / Order multiples Factorization factors
Number LCM HCF How to make 10

Detailed Course Outline

Operations on Numbers
Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
0-9 in 0-9 Difference (SMS) Tables Div Rules
Two digit (carry) How to borrow Lattice multi. Remainder
Three digit How to make 10 BODMAS Story sums


Parts Multiplication Concept of Fraction Proportion
Types Division Rec. and Term./Non Decimal Fractions
Addition Reducing Use in Practical Percentage
Subtraction Percentage Ratio


Day1 & 2: Numbers System

Counting, Place Value, Number Names, International system, Double and Half, Expanded Form, Comparison, Order, How to make 10

Day 3 & 4: Operations

Addition, How to carry, Difference, How to borrow, Multiplication, Times Table, Division, Divisibility Rules, Square, Cube

Day 5 & 6: Operations

LCM, HCF, Methods to find out LCM and HCF, Practical use of HCF and LCM

Day 7 & 8: Fractions

Concept of Fraction, Types of Fraction, Operation on Fractions, Reducing Fraction, Practical use of Fractions

Day 9 & 10: Fractions

Ratio, Proportion, Percentage, Profit, Loss, Factorization, LCM